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Market capacity for Fraud Coverage, available in the London market, appears to be greatly reduced after underwriters are reported to have been hit with a large Madoff loss from an insured bank. Both Protean Risk, writing a policy backed by Munich Re and Catlin, and the Institutional Investor Protection Bond product, written with various syndicates at Lloyds, have promoted fraud protection policies for investors in hedge funds. Fraud coverage, to the extent available, can be purchased in the U.S. through Hedge Fund Insurance. (click here for details)

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E&O/D&O Losses from Madoff Mess Could Hit $1.8 Billion according to a new estimate (click here for more)

Side Letters can be a source of E&O/D&O claims if not handled carefully. A recent court decision highlights the potential pitfalls of side letters. (click here for more)

To renew, or not to renew - that is the question facing AIG policyholders. (click here for more).

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