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Privacy Rights for California Residents    
A California resident who has provided personal information to a business with whom he or she has established a business relationship (“California customer”) is entitled to request information about whether the business has disclosed personal information to any third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes.  As a general matter, if the business has made such a disclosure of personal information, upon receipt of a request by a California customer, the business is required to provide a list of all third parties to whom personal information was disclosed in the preceding calendar year, as well as a list of the categories of personal information that were disclosed.

However, under the law, a business is not required to provide such lists of information if the business adopts and discloses to the public, in its privacy policy, a policy of not disclosing customer’s personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless the customer first affirmatively agrees to the disclosure, as long as the business maintains and discloses this policy.  Instead, the business may comply with the law by notifying the customer of his or her right to prevent disclosure of personal information and providing a cost free means to exercise that right.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, Frenkel and its affiliated companies (collectively, the “Company”) do not share information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless you have affirmatively agreed to such a disclosure.  Most commonly, this will occur if you have chosen to receive information from a third party that is participating in a promotion on this website or an affiliated company’s website (collectively, the “Site”).  If you do request that the Company share your personal information with a third party for that third party’s marketing purposes, we will only share information in connection with that specific purpose.  We do not share such information with any third party on a regular or continual basis. To prevent disclosure of your personal information for use in direct marketing by a third party, do not opt in to such use when you provide personally identifiable information on the Site.

Please note that whenever you opt in to receive future communications from a third party, your information will be subject to the third party's privacy policy. If you later decide that you do not want that third party to use your information, you will need to contact the third party directly, as the Company has no control over how third parties use your information. You should always review the privacy policy of any third party that collects your information to determine how that entity will handle your information.

California customers may request further information about the Company’s compliance with this law by e-mailing californiaprivacy@frenkel.com.  Please note that the Company generally will make reasonable efforts to respond in a reasonable period of time but is only required to respond to one request per California customer each year, and we are not required to respond to requests made by means other than through this e-mail address.

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